About Bridge Biomass Solutions

Bridge Biomass Solutions is as trading name of Bridge Greenhouses Ltd. Since 1985 Bridge Greenhouses have been at the forefront of the glasshouse construction industry in the UK and Ireland.

By installing the heating systems and boilers into glasshouses, Bridge Greenhouses Ltd built up a unique technical expertise in heating/boiler installations. Over the years Bridge have been installing more and more Biomass Boilers into glasshouses. We then started to get approached by other industries for the installation of Biomass Boilers and the associated heating systems, and soon realised that we had the resources and know-how to offer a Biomass and heating installation service which few others could rival.

Bridge Biomass Solutions now offer the complete Biomass installation package for any industry, and with offices located in Chichester and Hull, Bridge can offer the convenience and reassurance of local service wherever we work. With our team of experienced and dedicated staff we can guarantee that our installations are carried out to the highest standards and to the total satisfaction of our customers.