Ground and Air Source Heat Pump Installations

Benefit from RHI Payments

Like a Biomass heating system, Ground and Air Source installations allow your business to reap the rewards of the Renewable Heat Incentive, paying you for using low carbon resources to heat your facility.These attractive RHI payments are calculated based on the amount of heat you use. The cost of installing a Ground/Air Source Heat Pump will normally be paid off through the incentives payments and fuel saving in less than five years, leaving any additional income as an extra revenue stream.

The Technology

Ground Source Heat Pumps use a heat exchanger via an open/closed loop or bore hole system, or field array to generate heat energy for your facility.

Air Source Heat Pumps take heat from the ambient air, and effectively "compress" the heat energy into a usable temperature in conventional heating systems, functioning optimally even when air temperatures are below freezing!

This extremely discrete and low maintenance technology provides a reliable, consistent source of heat 365 days a year, meaning you can accurately project your energy spend and usage.

Ground Source heat pumps become even more efficient if they can make use of groundwater from a nearby aquifer, or extract heat from nearby rivers or water sources.

Far superior to other technology on the market, our ground and air sourced systems allow for much higher flow temperatures, this allows you to benefit from simple and streamlined integrations into any existing heating systems, while still maintaining market leading COP's.

With specialist experience in the renewable heating sector, Bridge's market leading engineering team can manage the complete cycle of your system from design, integration into existing systems, supply and completion.

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